Immigrant Health Surcharge to double in December

October 15, 2018 Immigration news

Immigrant Health Surcharge to double in December

The annual fee that migrants pay for access to the UK National Health Service will be doubled from December 2018 (exact date to be determined). The government have announced that the Immigrant Health Surcharge (IHS) will be increased from £200 to £400 per annum.

The IHS was first introduced in 2015 and is paid by all non EU migrants coming to the UK for more than 6 months. It is paid in advance at the point of visa application.

So, for example an applicant for a 5 year Ancestry visa would have previously paid £1,000. Now this is increased to £2,000.

And if that Ancestry visa applicant has a spouse and children then the fee is increased further – £2,000 per applicant !

We anticipate that many applicants will look to submit their visa applications before the increased IHS fee is introduced. The new fee will apply to first time applicants overseas and those seeking to extend their visas in the UK.

Those applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain do not need to pay the IHS fee.