NEWSLETTER No. 27 – March 2010

NEWSLETTER No. 27 – March 2010


The UK Border Agency has announced an important change in UK immigration that will affect many overseas migrants looking to work in the UK through the Tier 1 visa.

Effective April 2010, the minimum educational requirement for the Tier 1 visa has now been amended from a Masters degree to a Bachelors degree.

The points system has also been amended to change the qualifying criteria for previous earnings.

The Tier 1 visa allows overseas professionals to enter the UK to work or establish themselves as self-employed. Most importantly – this visa does not require a sponsoring employer. It is assessed on a points system with points awarded for age, education, previous earnings etc…

This previous Masters degree requirement affected many overseas migrants who scored well on other assessment criteria but were ineligible for not having a Masters degree. This is a very significant change and will now allow many more overseas migrants to qualify to work in the UK without a sponsoring employer.


The Canadian government has recently launched a consultation on their immigration programme.

The official announcement seems to indicate that this may result in changes to allow more occupations to be included in the Federal Skilled Worker category.

This would be a welcome move, allowing more applicants to apply directly for permanent residency without having to apply through employer sponsorship or Provincial Nomination entry.

The consultation runs until April 16th, after which we hope that a new more flexible system of entry will be introduced.


From 29 March, New Zealand will be offering 2 new retirement visas for entry

These are named – the Temporary Retirement Category and the Parent Retirement Category (residence).

The Temporary Retirement Category is a special visitor’s policy designed for those who wish to invest in New Zealand and stay longer than current Visitor policy allows.

The Parent Retirement Category allows for permanent residence and follows closely the model of the Australian Parent visa. Applicants need to make an investment in New Zealand and show that the balance of your family is in New Zealand.

Please contact us for more information on either of these new visa categories.


As of March 2010, all applications for qualifications assessments by overseas nurses need to be submitted through an online form.

This is the process through which an overseas qualified nurse applies to the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMC) for recognition of qualifications and work experience.

The process is initially completed through an online form (submitted electronically) and then printed, signed and posted to the ANMC with all the required documents.

If you are a Nurse or Midwife looking to move to Australia then please contact us so that we can check your eligibility.


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