NEWSLETTER No. 24 – October 2009

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NEWSLETTER No. 24 – October 2009


VETASSESS have just announced some major changes in the way applicants will be assessed.

By way of background, VETASSESS is the skills assessment authority for many applicants for Australian residency. They accept applications from those applicants who wish to migrate to Australia and who nominate a skilled occupation which is a managerial, administrative, professional or associate professional occupation.

Examples include occupations such as Graphic Designers, Production Managers, Marketing Specialists, Hotel Managers etc…

Effective from 1 January 2010, such applicants need to show that their qualification is related to their occupation. VETASSESS will also in some cases require evidence of relevant work experience.

This is a major change in the current process. At the moment, if you select your nominated occupation as, for instance “Management Consultant”, you are not required to have a related degree. In other words your degree qualification could be in any subject.

This will not be possible after 1 January 2010.

These does not apply to some of those trade occupations that VETASSESS is responsible for assessing, only those which are managerial, administrative, professional or associate professional occupations.

We advise any clients looking to apply to VETASSESS to start this process asap, to avoid any complications after January.


The Department of Immigration are now advising that for all child visas and certain partner visas, the Australian sponsor must now provide an Australian Police Check.

This includes partner visa applications in which there are dependent children. This new requirement is designed to ensure the best interests of the child are met, especially in cases where the sponsor has a criminal conviction.

Although this will not present a problem for the overwhelming number of applicants, it may lead to an increase in processing times, while this Police Check is obtained.

If you are interested in moving to Australia then please complete the Online Assessment form on our website.


The following is an update on routes of entry for Investors and Skilled Workers.

The recently unveiled New Zealand ‘Migrant Investment Policy’ aims to attract financial capital to local firms or government by providing residence to people under the age of 66 years who wish to make a significant financial contribution to New Zealand’s economy.

The policy is divided into two categories:

Investor Plus – requires a three year investment of NZ$10 million and

Investor – requires an investment NZ$1.5 million for four years plus assets of NZ$1 million. The requirement for how long you have to stay in New Zealand and other conditions vary between these 2 categories but they now present a real opportunity to many people.
Update on Skilled Workers

The requirement in the New Zealand labour market for the majority of health professional occupations remains high and also for Secondary School Teachers. Chefs who are well qualified with proven experience of leading a team of Cooks, are also in demand. Many trades’ occupations are currently in low demand with the exception of Electricians and Fitter/Turners. If you find an employer who needs your skills, and you have formal qualifications, then there are other routes to consider if they have permission to employ foreign workers.

If you are interested in moving to New Zealand then please complete the Online Assessment form on our website.


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