NEWSLETTER No. 23 – August 2009

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NEWSLETTER No. 23 – August 2009


The Home Office have now announced proposals on future plans for applicants to obtain UK citizenship.

At the moment, after complying with rules on residence and character, applicants are normally eligible to apply for full UK citizenship.

The new proposals would allow the Home Office to introduce a points based system for UK citizenship. There would also potentially be a system of “probationary citizenship” before “full citizenship”.

As outlined by the Home Office, the new system

“would see people rewarded for economic contributions, skills and English language proficiency above the level already expected. Points could be removed and citizenship withheld or delayed for those breaking the law or committing anti-social behaviour”.

This would obviously be a radical departure from the current system and potentially lead to much greater scrutiny of applicants. The timeframe to achieve full UK citizenship could also be longer.

At the moment, the proposals are still at the consultation stage until 26 October. After that, we expect details on the implementation of the new system.

We will obviously keep applicants informed of any further announcements regarding the new rules for UK citizenship.


Nurses and Midwives are in demand in Australia. So much so that these occupations are included on the Australian Critical Skills List which means that they will be processed ahead of all other occupations.

This allows for the grant of full permanent residence without the need for sponsorship by an employer or State government. This allows total freedom to easily move from employer to employer, something that is not possible on a work sponsored visa.

We regularly assist Nurses to migrate to Australia and there are 3 key stages in the process.

* Registration with the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council

* Application for full permanent residence visa.

* Registration in the State / Territory in which one intends to work.

It is vital that each stage is completed correctly. Recent rule changes now require that ALL applicants must complete an appropriate English language test for registration. This was previously waived for applicants from the UK, Ireland and the USA, however now it is mandatory.

We have an excellent record in assisting Nurses to obtain full permanent residence, professional registration and employment in Australia.

If you are interested in moving to Australia then please complete the Online Assessment form on our website.


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