United States USA immigration visa informationThe world’s largest economy recently passed the 300 million population mark but still has an immigration programme looking for migrants with key skills and capital.

We deal with USA visas for the following;

Spouses of US Citizens - The process for spouses of US Citizens to obtain an immigrant visa is bureaucratic and complicated. It will normally take several months so make sure you contact us in plenty of time.

Business owners / Investors - Successful business owners and experienced executives have the opportunity to apply for special business visas. Individuals must be able to demonstrate their ability and be able to support any future opportunities that they wish to develop with funds and quality business plans

IMPORTANT: We have established relationships with organisations that include business brokerage, property purchase and Federal approved investment schemes in the United States. These include:

E-2 visa
This allows you to invest US$100,000+ in purchasing a US business. You must intend to manage the business and hire employees for the business. The E-2 Visa holder, spouse and children may live in the US, attend school, and travel. 

Investment visa – EB5 category
This programme results in an immigrant visa for you and your family, allowing you to settle permanently anywhere in the U.S.A. Investment is for a minimum of five years in projects/investments approved by the U.S. Government. A minimum of US$500,000 needs to be invested.

For further information on migration to the United States, please call us on (+44) (0) 20 8365 3380 or complete an Online Assessment form on our website www.commonwealthimmigration.com.

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February 2010 - The opportunity to make an investment in a selected government approved scheme has now been extended to 2012. This is excellent news as now for a designated investment of $500,000 investors obtain a US Immigrant Visa. This Florida based scheme (you can live where you want in the US) also comes with a number of valuable investor benefits. The visa conditions enable to realise your assets after three years. Please contact us for more information on this important development.

Canada Immigration and ResidencyUNITED STATES – E-2 VISAS

June 2009 - With the UK pound improving against the US dollar, E-2 visas have again become very attractive for those wanting to establish their own business in the United States. For the majority of people this is the only realistic option to live and work in the United States.

For many years we have helped people through this route and with the United States economy showing real signs of recovery this is a great time to invest in a new venture. If you are an experienced business owner, manager or a budding entrepreneur then please talk to us to see what opportunities the United States has for you.

Canada Immigration and ResidencyUNITED STATES – SPOUSE VISAS

April 2009 - We are now increasingly assisting applicants through Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs. This is a consequence of the recent changes to the list of occupations that are eligible for processing under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Most provinces in Canada have an agreement with the Government of Canada that allows them to nominate immigrants who wish to settle in that province. The selection process varies from province to province. Each province selects immigrants who can fill its needs – normally through labour market shortages.

For instance, the government of Nova Scotia is keen to attract people to the province with work experience in Aerospace and Health Care.

However, in addition the government of British Columbia has a further need for selected occupations in Tourism/Hospitality and Food Processing.

A select number of province’s have ‘family connections’ streams of their respective Nominee Programs. Specifically, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland allow permanent residents and citizens of the province to sponsor foreign family members to come to the province where their Canadian relative lives. There are differences in each program so contact us for province specific details.

If you wish to be considered for immigration to Canada either through the Federal Skilled Worker or a Provincial Nominee Program, then please complete an Online Assessment form on our website.

Also, for students who wish to have opportunities to settle in Canada, contact us today for information on how studying in Canada can make students eligible for a number of permanent residency options.

United States USA immigration visa information UNITED STATES

June 2007 - One of our consultants has just returned from a trip to Florida to meet up with the business brokerage firm that we deal with regularly. They have many businesses on their books for sale ranging in price from US$100,000 upwards.

They also have ready-made businesses in many areas available. Full business training and development are provided to make sure you are profitable quickly.

These businesses qualify the investor for the issue of an E-2 visa, allowing one to live and work in the US. Furthermore, if you have your own business purchase or set-up in mind, we can help you to apply for your visa.

Recent events in the US have seen a fall in property prices there. This coupled with the continuing weakness of the US dollar, has meant that properties and businesses for sale in the US, are now much more affordable.

However, Florida in particular is still as popular as ever with migrants and is experiencing continuing growth and investment.

So if you have a minimum of US$100,000 to invest, then feel free to contact us.

United States USA migration green card E-2 visaUNITED STATES

March 2007 - Recent events in the US have seen a fall in property prices there. This coupled with the continuing weakness of the US dollar, has meant that properties and businesses for sale in the US, are now much more affordable.

We receive enquiries from many individuals looking to open a business or make an investment in the US. To this end, there are 2 principal routes of entry to the US, namely, the E-2 visa and the Immigrant Investor Program.

The E-2 visa is where one invests in a U.S. business or sets up a new business, and looks to run that business and employ US workers. A minimum of US$100,000 would normally be required to apply under this visa.

The Immigrant Investor EB5 Program involves making a designated investment to secure permanent residence for the investor and his/her family. This involves an investment of US$500,000 to secure permanent residence. This amount is refundable after 2 years.

If you wish to obtain any more information on these options or on purchasing property to live in the US, then feel free to contact us.

For further information on migration to the United Kingdom, please call us on (+44) (0) 20 8365 3380 or complete an Online Assessment form on our website www.commonwealthimmigration.com.

Migration to USA - immigration visaUNITED STATES OF AMERICA

January 2007 - We are pleased to confirm that we are now able to offer two new exciting ways to secure US residence.

Firstly, through an investment of US$500,000 with a U.S. government designated Regional Centre, you can secure a permanent residence visa.

An annual return is paid on the investment and capital growth is accrued as well. The investment qualifies under U.S. immigration law to allow the investor to secure permanent residence for him and his family.

Another option is for individuals to purchase a U.S. business and apply for an E-2 visa. This is a temporary visa allowing the holder to live in the U.S. to run their new U.S. business.

The business must meet certain criteria to qualify for the E-2 visa and normally a minimum investment of US$100,000 is required. We can assist with the processing of this visa and crucially we can introduce you to a Florida based firm who can assist you to purchase a business that will qualify for the E-2 visa.

If you are interested in either of these options, please contact us.

We hope that these news have been informative for you. However, remember everyone's circumstances are different so if you or a friend or family member want to check your eligibility to emigrate then either

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