NEWSLETTER No. 6 - June 2007

Migration to Australia - immigration visaWESTERN AUSTRALIA

We are pleased to announce that we will shortly be meeting with 
representatives of the Western Australia Department of Health.

Western Australia is currently experiencing an acute shortage of Registered Nurses, Registered Mental Health Nurses and Midwives. This shortage is current throughout Western Australia including Perth and Regional Areas.

Therefore the WA government are looking to sponsor such professionals for permanent residency. Overseas Nurses and Midwives need to have their qualifications verified by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council before securing WA sponsoring.

So, if you are a qualified Nurse or Midwife, or are soon to qualify, then please send us your CV or complete the Online Assessment form on our website. We can then present your details to the WA Department of Health with a view to securing employment and permanent residence visas for you and your family.

For further information on migration to Australia, please call us on (+44) (0) 20 8365 3380 or complete an Online Assessment form.

Migration to United Kingdom - immigration visaUNITED KINGDOM

The UK government have recently made some amendments to the National Shortage Occupation List for Work Permits.

This list is important, as an application for a work permit for an occupation on this list does not have to be accompanied by proof of advertising. In other words, there is an assumption that such occupations are in recognised shortage.

All positions for Teachers in England and Scotland are now included on the list.

Furthermore, the following 4 occupations have now been removed from the list; Senior Physiotherapists, Salaried General Dental Practitioners, Salaried Assistant Dentists, Salaried Vocational Dental Practitioners.

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Migration to United Kingdom - work permit visa UNITED KINGDOM – MARRIAGE LAW 

UK immigration rules in effect since 2005, regarding the right to marry in the UK, have been found to be unlawful in the UK Court of Appeal.

The rules were designed to require non-EU citizens to obtain permission to marry in the UK. However, the Court has found that the rules were unlawful on 2 grounds;

1. The rules did not allow for proper investigation of individual cases and did not endeavour to find out if those marrying were genuine or part of an immigration scam.

2. It was incompatible with human rights on grounds of nationality and religion, particularly because bizarrely it did not apply to those marrying in the Church of England

The Home Office have seemed to have backed down very quickly and have now announced that they will look at each application to:

“obtain information and supporting evidence to enable us to be satisfied that your proposed marriage is genuine”

For any applicants that may be in this situation, please contact us 
immediately for specialist advice on the new Home Office approach.

Migration to United Kingdom - student visa UNITED STATES

One of our consultants has just returned from a trip to Florida to meet up with the business brokerage firm that we deal with regularly. They have many businesses on their books for sale ranging in price from US$100,000 upwards.

They also have ready-made businesses in many areas available. Full business training and development are provided to make sure you are profitable quickly.

These businesses qualify the investor for the issue of an E-2 visa, allowing one to live and work in the US. Furthermore, if you have your own business purchase or set-up in mind, we can help you to apply for your visa.

Recent events in the US have seen a fall in property prices there. This coupled with the continuing weakness of the US dollar, has meant that properties and businesses for sale in the US, are now much more affordable.

However, Florida in particular is still as popular as ever with migrants and is experiencing continuing growth and investment.

So if you have a minimum of US$100,000 to invest, then feel free to contact us.

We hope that this newsletter has been informative for you.  However, remember everyone's circumstances are different so if you or a friend or family member want to check your eligibility to emigrate then either

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