NEWSLETTER No. 9 - October 2007


We now have much more information on the new process affecting applications for Trades Assessment for many tradespersons which was introduced on September 1st. The new process affects applicants from the UK, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the Philippines who work in certain trades (General Electrician, General PlumberRefrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic, Motor Mechanic, Bricklayer Carpenter and Joiner, Electrical Powerline Tradesperson, Cable Jointer)

The new process involves a paperwork-based assessment of the applicant’s qualifications and work experience. This is similar to the usual assessment process operated by TRA. However the key difference is that after passing the paperwork-based assessment, the applicant will then need to book a practical assessment.

At the moment, practical assessments are available every second month for UK applicants in London and Glasgow. We have been informed that the practical assessment will take 1 day to complete. No other UK venues have been scheduled so some applicants will need to undertake a lengthy journey and overnight stay to London or Glasgow.

The practical assessment will involve a technical interview and a series of ‘challenge tests’ or simulated activities that assess a number of the key skills required for the occupation. Once the practical assessment is passed, then you will receive an assessment letter from Vetassess, which will allow you to apply for your residence visa.

If you work in any of these trades and wish to migrate to Australia, then please contact us so that we can fully check your eligibility against the new criteria.

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New Zealand ImmigrationNEW ZEALAND – INVESTORS

The New Zealand government are in the process of amending their regulations for entry as an Investor.

A new category called the “Active Investor Migrant Category” is to be introduced in November 2007. This will be a points based system, which will place an annual cap of 1,000 people in this category.

The previous Investor category required an investor to deposit at least NZ$2 million with the New Zealand government, with a small annual return being paid. The new category will give investors much more freedom to decide where to invest in New Zealand’s economy.

However, the new category will have stringent minimum entry criteria. Applicants must be able to invest NZ$2.5 million, have at least 4 years business experience and be under 54 years of age.

If you require more information on this new Investor category then please contact us.

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United Kingdom Immigration UKUNITED KINGDOM - NEW SYSTEM FOR 2008

We are expecting much more detailed announcements in the next month or so on the new application process for all UK study and work visas.

This new process which the government are labelling the Points System will be introduced at different stages throughout 2008.

The first stage will involve the introduction of Tier 1, which will cover 
the HSMP visa. This is to be introduced in early 2008. This may result in changes to the current HSMP criteria.

Tier 2 will cover applications under the current Work Permit scheme. We understand that the new system will mean employers wishing to employ non-EU citizens will need to register with the Home Office in order to employ non-EU citizens in the future.

Once employers have successfully registered they will then be allowed to issue a set number of permits each year, in the form of Sponsorship Certificates. The role of the Home Office will be to monitor the procedures of registered employers to ensure they are still endeavouring to recruit from within the domestic labour market.

We have yet to receive any more detailed information on the new process but once we do, we will be in touch promptly with detailed advice for employers and overseas workers.

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We often are approached by individuals looking to move to Canada who are in a relationship with a Canadian citizen.

Many applicants look at applying for residency through the Spouse or Common Law spouse categories. However what if you are not married or cannot fulfil the co-habitation requirements to qualify as a Common Law spouse? You cannot get a visa to live together but if you do not live together you cannot prove co-habitation. It sounds like a vicious circle.

However, in these circumstances, the Conjugal Partner route may be an option.

This category allows a Canadian citizen to sponsor their overseas partner for residence in Canada. A relationship must have existed for at least 12 months. However, crucially you do not have to prove co-habitation for this period - if you can demonstrate that there are circumstances preventing you living together (such as an immigration barrier).

The Canadian citizen then formally sponsors the overseas individual for permanent residence.

This Conjugal Partner category does require careful preparation to fully document the relationship and ensure that all the key criteria of this visa are met. If you believe that your circumstances may fall into this category then please contact us. We assess each case individually to see if this option can work.

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We hope that this newsletter has been informative for you.  However, remember everyone's circumstances are different so if you or a friend or family member want to check your eligibility to emigrate then either

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