NEWSLETTER No. 11 - December 2007


The UK government have just announced details of the implementation of the first stage of the new Points Based System in 2008. The new system will consist of 5 Tiers of Entry - Highly Skilled, Skilled Workers, Low Skilled Workers, Students, Youth Exchange Programmes and Various other programmes.

Tier 1 – Highly Skilled
In a document entitled “Statement of Intent”, it is announced that 8 existing immigration categories will be removed when the new “Highly Skilled Tier” is introduced. These current categories include the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, Investors, Self Employed Lawyers, Businesspersons, International Graduate Scheme, Innovators, Fresh Talent (Working in Scotland) Scheme and Writers, Composers & Artists,

Most importantly, the current assessment criteria for the HSMP category will be incorporated into Tier 1 circa March 2008. This will involve applications submitted to the British Embassy in the home country of the applicant. If the applicant is currently in the UK on a work visa / student visa, they can apply in the UK. 

This visa will be for 3 years, then extendable for another 2 years, bringing the applicant to the 5 years necessary for permanent residence.

The International Graduate Scheme (IGS) will be incorporated into Tier 1 (designated as the Post-Study Work sub-category) and will be for 2 years, not 1 year as it currently is. After 2 years, applicants would have to fit into another category to stay here. 

Transitional arrangements will be introduced which will allow applicants currently in the UK on HSMP visas to remain here, when their stay expires.

If you wish to apply for the new Highly Skilled category, including the new Post-Study Work subcategory, then please complete the Online Assessment form on our website.

Tier 2 - Skilled Workers
The current work permit category will be incorporated into Tier 2 for Skilled Workers, towards the end of 2008, possibly 2009. This category will involve some significant changes.

Employers wishing to sponsor non-EU citizens to work for them, will need to register with the Home Office. Only employers who successfully register, will be allowed to apply for Sponsorship Certificates (the new term for work permits). 

A team of Compliance Officers will check that aspects such as the resident labour test are being carried out properly. Prospective employees will then need to apply to the British High Commission and Consulates for entry clearance, once they have a Sponsorship Certificate.

The application process for employers who wish to be included on the Register of Sponsors will be introuduced in early 2008. We will obviously provide more details on this, when available.

We will be able to assist all UK employers to be included on the Register of Sponsors. Once Tier 2 is introduced, then an employer who is not on the Register of Sponsors cannot sponsor a non-EU worker. 

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The Australian Department of Immigration has advised applicants for Skilled Migration, who applied before September 1st 2007, that the 5 bonus points available by lodging a capital investment of A$100,000 has now been removed.

All the State government organisations that accepted the capital investments of A$100,000 from skilled migrants have announced their withdrawal from the program. This follows recent newspaper reports alleging a "scam" involving unauthorised loans to some hundreds of applicants. 

Of course, many applications which have been in process for lengthy periods will not be granted the bonus points because they cannot now find a State government that is prepared to accept the investment. 

If you submitted an immigration application before September 1st and you were relying on these 5 points for capital investment, then please contact us so that we discuss alternative options to assist you.

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