NEWSLETTER No. 22 - June 2009


The Department of Immigration have announced details of the new Migration Program effective for the year 1 July 2009 until 30 June 2010.

A total of 108,100 permanent skilled visas will be available from the start of the new Program year on 1 July. Although this is a slight reduction from the 115,000 visas available in the current Program year, its only brings the overall numbers back to normal levels. The numbers for this coming Program year are the 3rd highest planned intake ever. 

For instance, previous years resulted in the following numbers of permanent skilled visas. 

2007/08: 108,540
2006/07: 97,920
2005/06: 97,340 
2004/05: 77,880

The government has announced no change in eligibility criteria or the applicable Pass Mark. We therefore expect processing of these skilled visas to largely continue in line with previous years. 

There is also good news for those applying through the Partner and Parent visa categories. The number of permanent visas available in these categories has been increased. 

We will obviously keep applicants informed of any further announcements regarding the new Migration Program. 
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Canada Immigration and ResidencyUNITED STATES – E-2 VISAS

With the UK pound improving against the US dollar, E-2 visas have again become very attractive for those wanting to establish their own business in the United States. For the majority of people this is the only realistic option to live and work in the United States.

For many years we have helped people through this route and with the United States economy showing real signs of recovery this is a great time to invest in a new venture. If you are an experienced business owner, manager or a budding entrepreneur then please talk to us to see what opportunities the United States has for you.

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We are pleased to announce that the option of proving one’s trade skills through a practical assessment has now been extended to several more trades.

The new trades eligible for practical assessment are;

Welder (First Class)
Metal Fabricator
Metal Machinist (First Class)
Sheetmetal Worker (First Class)
General Mechanical Engineering Tradesperson
General Fabrication Engineering Tradesperson
Electroplater (First Class)
Pressure Welder
General Plumber

This is a great opportunity for those who can demonstrate the full range of skills in their trade, but who do not have formal qualifications from completing college courses, apprenticeships etc...

Successful completion of the assessment will result in the award of an Australian Qualification Framework Certificate Level 3, which in turn is recognised by Trades Recognition Australia, the Department of Immigration and Australian employers

Previously such programmes were only available in Australia, involving lengthy courses and great expense. 

If you have qualifications / skills / experience in any of the above trades and you are interested in moving to Australia, then please contact us.

Additionally, the following trades have also been available for practical assessment for several months; 

Hairdresser, Plasterer, Floor Finisher, Wall / Floor Tiler, Bricklayer, Carpenter, Painter and Decorator, Roof Plumber, Roof Tiler, Cabinet Maker, Landscape Gardener, Flat Glass Trades 

Unlike other major economies, Australia has not entered recession. 

Link to BBC News - Australia able to avoid recession

Although obviously the global economic situation has impacted on the economy, the demand for skilled workers remains strong. This is reflected in the continuing high numbers of permanent skilled visas available in the new Migration Program. 

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Finally, for further information on moving abroad and the opportunities available, we thought we would bring your attention to the ITV News programme “Tonight” which recently had a feature on the process of emigrating. Some of the stories covered in the programme are detailed at; 

Link to ITV NEWS - A better life abroad 

For those of you who were watching the programme closely enough you may have even see one of our colleagues giving some advice at a recent exhibition! 

We hope that this newsletter has been informative for you.  However, remember everyone's circumstances are different so if you or a friend or family member want to check your eligibility to emigrate then either

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