New Zealand immigration visa informationRenowned for its natural beauty and high standard of living, New Zealand has always been a popular destination for immigrants. Property prices are still very affordable and there are first class healthcare and educational opportunities. New Zealand has an active immigration programme and is looking for quality migrants. 

There are many different types of visas available covering all different types of applicants.

Skilled Workers - For permanent residence visas, Skilled Workers in most cases would need to have gained a formal qualification such as a degree or trade qualifications confirming completion of an apprenticeship. Equivalent qualifications and experience can often be taken into account when assessing an individual’s ability – this is often the case for Tradespersons.

Business Owners and Investors - There are special categories for Business Owners and Investors. Successful business owners and experienced executives have the opportunity to apply for special business visas. Individuals must be able to demonstrate their ability and be able to support any future opportunities that they wish to develop with funds and quality business plans.

Investors need to demonstrate a track record of successful investment and that they have sufficient funds available for further investment and to live on. The minimum amount of funds that one must have available is NZ$2,000,000.

Family category - If you have a family member living in New Zealand or who is a New Zealand citizen, you may be able to be sponsored through the Family category. The rules are varied and normally only apply to immediate family members. 

Those engaged or in a de facto or spouse relationship with a citizen or permanent resident can also apply to emigrate.

Working Holiday visa - If you are aged between 18 and 30, we can help you obtain a Working Holiday visa. This allows you to travel and work in New Zealand for up to 23 months.

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March 2010 - From 29 March, New Zealand will be offering 2 new retirement visas for entry

These are named - the Temporary Retirement Category and the Parent Retirement Category (residence).

The Temporary Retirement Category is a special visitor’s policy designed for those who wish to invest in New Zealand and stay longer than current Visitor policy allows.

The Parent Retirement Category allows for permanent residence and follows closely the model of the Australian Parent visa. Applicants need to make an investment in New Zealand and show that the balance of your family is in New Zealand.

Please contact us for more information on either of these new visa categories.


October 2009 - The following is an update on routes of entry for Investors and Skilled Workers.

The recently unveiled New Zealand 'Migrant Investment Policy' aims to attract financial capital to local firms or government by providing residence to people under the age of 66 years who wish to make a significant financial contribution to New Zealand's economy.

The policy is divided into two categories: 

Investor Plus - requires a three year investment of NZ$10 million and 

Investor - requires an investment NZ$1.5 million for four years plus assets of NZ$1 million. The requirement for how long you have to stay in New Zealand and other conditions vary between these 2 categories but they now present a real opportunity to many people.
Update on Skilled Workers

The requirement in the New Zealand labour market for the majority of health professional occupations remains high and also for Secondary School Teachers. Chefs who are well qualified with proven experience of leading a team of Cooks, are also in demand. Many trades’ occupations are currently in low demand with the exception of Electricians and Fitter/Turners. If you find an employer who needs your skills, and you have formal qualifications, then there are other routes to consider if they have permission to employ foreign workers.

If you are interested in moving to New Zealand then please complete the Online Assessment form on our website.  

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