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Commonwealth Immigration Consultants is a firm of international immigration specialists. Based in London, we provide unique assistance to clients from all over the world to obtain visas to reside in the Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

UK government registered immigration consultants
Commonwealth Immigration has a range of expertise and an excellent track record in obtaining visas. Our services are registered with the UK government through the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) in accordance with their statutory registration process (Registration Number F200100020). The OISC has a statutory duty on behalf of the UK government to ensure that all immigration advisers are fit and competent, and observe fair and sound principles. 

We are also members of the Association of Regulated Immigration Advisers (ARIA) and Affiliate Member of the Australian Institute of Migration.

We have many years experience in securing visas for our clients, helping them to secure their new life in a new country. All our staff have specialised legal and professional qualifications and expertise in international immigration law.

We have developed excellent working relationships with government immigration departments and embassies worldwide. Our background knowledge and track record will help you to present your application to successfully secure your visa.

Commonwealth Immigration continually monitor amendments and changes to immigration law and policy. With us, you will be 100% sure of receiving the most up to date and relevant advice to suit your particular circumstances.


Our enviable track record of success is based on our belief that we will only assist migrants who will succeed. We do not waste our time or yours - if we can help you we will, if we cannot we will tell you so. So you have nothing to lose by availing of our free appraisal service.

Our fees are fair and among the most competitive around - reflecting our wish to deliver a quality service. Unlike other firms, we do not pay commission to sales representatives, with us, you are only dealing with immigration experts.

There is nothing we value more than our reputation for legal expertise and integrity. Before retaining our service you will have an opportunity to meet us in person and inspect our qualifications and testimonials.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for a visa myself?
Yes, you can. But it is not easy, as many people have found out to their detriment! Many people have their visa applications rejected because they do not adopt the correct approach and fail to understand what paperwork is needed, what category of visa to apply for, when to apply or who to apply to. Immigration law is highly complex and any mistake or ambiguity in your application will result in refusal on the part of the case officer. And if you are refused this may prevent you from re-applying. Statistics have shown that by using reputable immigration consultants, you have a much better chance of securing your new life abroad.

Can Commonwealth Immigration help me?
The short answer is we donít know yet! We need to conduct a free appraisal to see if you are eligible to meet the visa criteria. If we can, we will tell you; if we cannot help, we will tell you also. You really have nothing to lose! Feel free to complete the Online Assessment and submit it online to us.

What happens if you can help me?
If after conducting our appraisal, we determine that we can help you Ė then we will outline in detail how we can secure your visa or work permit. We will explain how you meet the criteria, including an outline of the process, timeframe and our fees. You can then decide whether or not you wish to proceed with Commonwealth Immigration or not - there is no obligation whatsoever.

Why do I need your Appraisal service?
Commonwealth Immigration need to conduct an in-depth assessment of your eligibility to meet the visa criteria of your chosen country or countries.With our expertise and knowledge of immigration law, we can determine your eligibility. By simply completing the Online Assessment and submitting it to us, we can then evaluate the information you have provided and decide if we can help you.

For what countries do we provide immigration services?
Our specialist immigration consultants possess expertise in relation to a wide range of international immigration law. Through our experience we find that the most popular destinations for our clients are Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. However, if there is another country, which you would like to relocate to, then please let us know - we can assess your eligibility.

Why choose Commonwealth Immigration?
There are many reasons why you should choose us to oversee your visa application. We have years of experience in the field of immigration law, we have a proven track record and we charge competitive rates. Finally, if we say we cannot help you - we mean it! Equally, if we can help you - we mean it!

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Commonwealth Immigration Consultants
UK Government Registered Immigration Consultants No. F200100020

Member of the Association of Regulated Immigration Advisers (ARIA)
Affiliate Member of the Australian Institute of Migration

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