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Did you know that there is a shortage of Engineers in Australia?

That’s why there’s never been a better time to find employment and secure a permanent residence visa.

This Free Guide contains detailed information on the requirements for having your skills assessed, finding employment in Australia as well as the requirements for migrating to Australia. It provides all the crucial information that you need to establish if moving to Australia is an option for you.

We assist Engineers of all types to move to Australia and secure permanent residence visas for them and their family.

We deal with all types of Engineers – Civil, Chemical, Structural, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Industrial, Mining, Production, Aeronautical and more.

The Free Guide provides detailed information on the following;

  • Engineering Shortage
  • Engineering Occupations in Demand
  • Skills Assessment
  • Employment as an Engineer and Sample CV
  • Salary levels
  • Australian Visas
  • Relocation Advice for Moving to Australia
  • Guide to areas of Australia
  • List of websites and other information sources


The Free guide will then be emailed to you with detailed information on everything you need to know.

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